Mobile Driving School (Web Design, Web Hosting and Web Application Development).

Mobile Driving School is a driving school based in Lancashire, United Kingdom.

DPS Computing Limited developed the website to the clients specifications using a CMS (Content Management System). We also provide updates and maintenace for the website.

In addition to the public area of the site, a special pupils only area has been created to display pupil only information with the ability for the client to easily customise the content that each individual pupil has access to, giving the ability to focus each individual pupil on information relevant to them.

The Mobile Driving School website is also hosted by DPS Computing and we registered the domain name for the client.

In addition we have developed a bespoke interactive web application and granted a license to Mobile Driving School to use it, entitled, DPS Drive - Interactive Theory Test which provides its users with the ability to practice the theory test questions for the UK driving test using the sample revision banks supplied by the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency).

Mobile Driving School Website


ReviewsData (Web Design)

ReviewsData is a web based business located in Manchester, United Kingdom.

David worked on a project for ReviewsData that involved developing a module for the company's website to allow visitors to interact with Twitter, using the Twitter API, tweeting to both their own personal accounts and the company's Twitter account. Functions were also included to allow the administration of the Twitter module, including logging relevant information regarding tweets made through the website.

Reviews Data Logo


Loving Outdoors (Web Design and Web Application Development)

Loving Outdoors is an outdoors online retailer located in Manchester, United Kingdom.

While on placement at the company David worked on several web design projects and a web application development project.

Web Design duties included general maintenance of the website, resolving issues related to the website, adding new content, modifying content and installing and maintaining plugins.

A flash application was also developed for the website to allow users to browse and view the GPS map products available using an interactive map, rather than a list of menus. A picture from this application is shown on the right.

Flash map web application


Icarus (Fire Risk Assessment) (formally Icarus (Fire Risk Assessment) Ltd) (Web Design and Web Hosting)

Icarus (Fire Risk Assessment) is a former limited company based in Manchester, United Kingdom. They offered fire risk assessment, training, equipment and signage.

In 2007, we developed the main site with the main aim of the project from the client to be simple, effective and informative.

DPS Computing initially designed the website and handed over control of the website to the client after the project was completed.

DPS Computing has hosted the website for Icarus (Fire Risk Assessment) for the past 5 years.

Icarus (Fire Risk Assessment)


Manchester City Football Club (Offiline Application Design)

In 2003, David, at the age of 15 (prior to the formation of DPS Computing), developed an application called SRAA - the Stewards' Room Administration Assistant. The program was programmed using the C programming language and was a command line based program to replace a paper based system to improve reliability, speed and accuracy with record taking and administration.